Nutritional Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is available for one-on-one nutrition counseling to discuss your dietary goals, struggles and overall wellness focus through an individualized approach. By utilizing genetics, the WILD5 program and nutrition education and counseling sessions, a personalized nutrition consult can help to set the path to a balanced lifestyle.

WILD5 Program

WILD5 Wellness is a five step wellness intervention program focusing on overall health and wellbeing through worksheets, educational handouts and personalized education by our providers. WILD5 stands for Wellness Interventions for Life’s Demands with five key components, and is individualized to each patient. The five points of focus include sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and social connectedness. Together, these focus points can lead to overall improvement in personal wellness.

IV Hydration Therapy

Paramount Health Directions also offers IV hydration therapy in the repertoire. Based on personalized doses, IV hydration therapy combines water, vitamins and minerals to be administered by a nurse over the course of 40-minutes within our office. Recent research has shown positive health outcomes with IV hydration therapy when treating fibromyalgia, migraines, muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue and depression, to name a few. By supplying vitamins and minerals intravenously in the most active forms, the body has the ability to utilize these nutrients quickly for essential body processes, and the risk of non-absorption through the gastrointestinal tract is eliminated. For a boost in energy, immunity and nutrient utilization, IV hydration therapy can be an effective way to enhance overall health.