Children and Families

Services for Children and Families
There is no greater commitment in life than the one we make to our children and family. Any parent knows this can be a difficult process as we do our best to raise our children in a loving and healthy marriage or family.  At Paramount Health Directions, under the direction of Dr. Stamatoiu, we offer a wide range of helpful services for Families, Children, Couples and Parents. Dr. Stamatoiu has put together a team Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Therapists who specialize in providing the best care possible. We believe that children and families benefit from a team approach where we work closely and effectively with parents. We want parents to feel listened to and understood as it’s the parent who best knows their child. Our assessment and treatment approaches are proven to identify where the problem lies and the best course of action for improvement.
Children: At PHD we understand the stress that parents go through when a child is struggling. Whether it’s the child’s behavior, academic performance, relationships, mood or general wellbeing, our team has the expertise to identify and implement the best treatment plan for your child.

Families: Unlike many other practitioners, our team at PHD are trained and experienced in providing helpful “Solutions Focused” therapy for families. The primary purpose of family therapy is to nurture positive change within the interaction of family members. Because family relationships are a key factor in psychological health, we at PHD put a premium on providing effective and helpful therapy for families. We want parents to feel like there is a clear plan and noticeable improvement from the first appointment on. Many parents complain that past attempts at family therapy was unhelpful and seemed to lack focus. At PHD we are confident that we can help you and your children manage and grow beyond what ever challenges you may be facing.

Relationships: Much like family therapy, couples therapy demands a highly skilled therapist who is experienced in assisting couples improve their relationship. If you’re in a relationship that seems stuck in patterns that cause hurt feelings, resentments, or disconnection, give us a call so we can help. Many couples wait until the problem is practically intolerable or stick with an approach that lacks results. Let’s address your relationship in a manner that makes it more loving, stronger and healthier.

Home and School-Based Therapy
Paramount Health offers home-based therapy with one a therapist to collaborate closely with parents and families helping to guide and establish routines and systems to reduce power struggles. By meeting at the location most convenient to the client, our therapist can aid in the promotion of time management skills, home and schoolroom routines, and organizational skills in a comfortable environment. In the school-based therapy, individualized learning plans and in-home tactics are developed to aid in the student’s success. Using tools such as creative planners and charts, and executive function coaching at home, students are supported in and out of the classroom. Our therapist serves as a liaison between the school and the student assisting in the development of learning accommodations, as well as ongoing communication between the family and teachers.

Give us a call at Paramount Health Directions. We are excited about the help we can offer your family and you will be too!