Adult Treatment Services

Among other things the Webster Meridian dictionary definition of the word ‘Adult’ includes: fully grown and developed, mature and sensible, not childish.  It is, therefore, not uncommon for ‘adults’ to take such stoic notions of being strong, resilient, and free from irrational experiences seriously. However, experience and research tells us a different tale about what people who are reasonable, responsible, and sensitive experience when facing the trials and tribulations of this adult life of ours. For these reasons, we offer a most respectful, sensitive and comprehensive approach to restoring the sense of personal confidence, integrity, and well-being with adults who come into treatment with us. Indeed, it is the experience of pain, irrational thoughts, and child-like recollections that often serve as the messenger that informs us all is not well.

Among other things, we deliver effective and well researched treatments for depression, anxiety, low self esteem, work challenges, conflicted relationships, mood instability, attention and concentration issues, and more. We offer thoughtful, respectful, and researched medication options through psychiatric consultation. We provide a host of different and suitable psychotherapies because “one size does not fit all”, and we pride ourselves in offering a variety of diagnostic services in order to help you gain a clear sense of the problem at hand. These different approaches are woven into the changing tapestry of life because we have different needs at different points in life. The issues of young adulthood will assuredly impact the nature of a depression just as later life brings on other challenges. Most importantly, we listen to you before we act.

Partnering With our Patients in Providing Treatment for:




Mood related issues


Occupational and School Related problems

And many more